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    Smoke Suppressant

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Conventional magnesium hydroxide flame retardant smoke density is less than 300, our smoke retardant smoke density can reach less than 230, it is a green, environment friendly halogen-free smoke retardant.

Smoke suppressant is a compound that can eliminate or reduce the smoke and harmful gases produced by various materials during combustion. Its principle is chemical action, increasing the appropriate amount of smoke suppressant can greatly reduce the smoke in the combustion process, at the same time, and it can improve the flame retardant and oxygen index of materials. It is suitable for halogen flame retardant system, phosphorus flame retardant system and other flame retardant systems. It is very convenient to use and environmental protection.

Appearance: white powder  

Applicable materials:

Coal, incense, paper, plastic, rubber, paint, wood and other polymers

Smoke suppressant is a kind of additive which can effectively reduce the amount and density of smoke after adding polymer. Its basic principle is to achieve the purpose of smoke suppression through chemical reaction or physical action.

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