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    Magnesium Oxide(MGO) for Wire and Cable

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Inorganic materials do not have excellent processing properties such as extrusion, so it is difficult to process cable insulation, adhesion and uniformity are poor, and insulation performance is lower than polymer data, but excellent high temperature performance can meet special high temperature industry. Demand. Information from: Transmission and Distribution Equipment Network

1 mineral insulated fireproof cable.

Magnesium Oxide(MGO) for Wire and Cable

The product structure is copper core copper sheathed magnesia insulated cable, mainly power cable, control cable, heating cable and cloth wire. The normal working temperature is 250 ° C, but the actual working temperature can be higher, because the melting point of magnesium oxide is 2852 ° C, much higher than the melting point of copper (1083 ° C) cable can be used repeatedly after the fire. Information from: Transmission and Distribution Equipment Network.

The cable production is that the magnesium oxide shaped porcelain column is worn outside the copper conductor, and the copper conductor and the outer copper tube are simultaneously drawn and annealed, and the magnesium oxide ceramic column is crushed to form a cable insulation uniformly, and the production length of the mineral insulated fireproof cable is limited. Large specifications are shorter. Information from: Transmission and Distribution Equipment Network

The production process of mineral insulated fireproof cable is as follows:

The mineral insulated fireproof cable has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, fireproof, explosion proof, waterproof, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, good grounding performance, small volume, long life, large current capacity and strong overload capability.

Magnesium Oxide(MGO) for Wire and Cable

The insulation of mineral insulated cables uses magnesium oxide, which has the advantage of high melting point (2852 ° C), but the disadvantage is that the dielectric constant is large (9.8, easy to absorb moisture, and the resistance at high temperature is 1-2 orders of magnitude lower than that of silicon dioxide, so It is not suitable as an insulating medium for signal cables. Moreover, this production method cannot achieve precise control of electrical performance indexes, so silica cables are the only available inorganic insulated cables in demanding signal transmission places, especially microwave transmission. Magnesium oxide insulated cables are generally used in places where electrical energy is transmitted.

The silica ultra-high temperature cable uses a high-temperature resistant stainless steel sheath, and the inner conductor uses 27% nickel-clad copper alloy, and even a pure nickel wire is used as a conductor (melting point of 1455 ° C) special high-temperature silica (melting point is 1723 ° C Therefore, the use temperature can reach 1000 ° C, even to 1300 ° C, the short-term temperature resistance can be higher.

Many high-end magnesium oxides can be used in the glass, dye, cable, silicon steel industry, uranium processing, electronics industry, insulation materials industry, as well as in petroleum additives, foundry, phenolic plastics and other industries. These industries, which are closely related to our life and production, use magnesium oxide. Because of the addition of magnesium oxide, the products produced are more lively and more pleasing. Chemical products that seem to be far away from us, appear in real time in our lives. It is an indispensable part of our lives.


Fengcheng City Heqi Brucite Mining Co., Ltd., is an imports and exports mining company registered in 1998 in Fengcheng City of Liaoning Province. the company is located in Fengcheng City, Primarily engaged in processing minerals. The company property mainly manufactures magnesium hydroxide flame retardant and brucite powder. The export work is handling by DALIAN HEXIN NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

Magnesium Oxide(MGO) for Wire and Cable


Our annual output amount is up to 100,000 tons. Quality,Integrity, Innovation are our business ideas. Relying on quality products, good services, our company possess good reputation in the line.


Magnesium Oxide(MGO) for Wire and Cable

"Business Integrity, Standardize Services, Sustainable development, Dedicated to Community" is the company’s Principles. During several years developing, the company possesses own mines and processing plants,It consists of the heqi brucite mine in Fengcheng city (reserves 3,000,000 tons, annual output is 100,000 tons).