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    Magnesium Hydroxide

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Magnesium hydroxide, white amorphous powder. Alias caustic Magnesium stone, light burned magnesia, Magnesium hydroxide in water suspension called Magnesium hydroxide emulsion, referred to as "magnesia, English name for the Magnesium hydroxide. Six square column crystal magnesium hydroxide is a colorless or white powder, soluble in water and alcohol, soluble in dilute acid and ammonium salt solution, a weak alkaline aqueous solution. Solubility is small in the water, but soluble in water completely ionization. Saturated aqueous solution of the concentration of 1.9 mg/l (18 ℃). Generate magnesium oxide lose water heated to 350 ℃. Natural mineral brucite magnesium hydroxide. Can be used for the sugar and magnesium oxide, etc. For comparing rich content of magnesium hydroxide in nature, and its chemical properties and aluminum is close, so users started to use magnesium hydroxide to replace aluminium chloride used in sweet body products. Used as analytical reagent, also used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Magnesium hydroxide

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Magnesium Hydroxide

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Magnesium Hydroxide

Application field

1. The magnesium hydroxide is excellent flame retardant plastic, rubber products. In the aspect of environmental protection as a basis for the flue gas desulfurization agent, instead of caustic soda and lime as neutralizing agent of acid wastewater. Also used as oil additives, anti-corrosion and desulfurization effect. In addition, can also be used in electronic industry, pharmaceutical, sugar refining, insulation materials and manufacturing other magnesium salt products.

2. The cushioning property of magnesium hydroxide, reactivity, adsorption force and thermal decomposition properties are excellent, both can be used as chemical materials and intermediates, is also a kind of green environmental protection flame retardant and additive used in rubber, plastic, fiber and resin polymer material industry, etc. Mainly in the field of environmental protection as the flame retardant type magnesium hydroxide, acidic waste water treatment agent, heavy metal removal agent, such as flue gas desulfurization agent for application.

3. The goods can be used as flame retardants and flame retardant fillers added to the polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and ABS resin, has good flame retarding and smoke suppression effect, join the amount of 40 to 20. But need anionic surfactant treatment particle surface, can use cheap senior fatty acid alkali metal salt or alkyl sulfate and sulfonated succinic acid ester etc anionic surface active agent, dosage of about 3%. The manufacture of the goods is also used in magnesium salt, sugar refining, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry, etc.

4. Magnesium hydroxide is a new kind of filling type flame retardant, through thermal decomposition releases combined water, absorb a large number of latent heat, in order to reduce its fill of synthetic materials in the surface temperature of flame, can inhibit polymer decomposition and the combustible gas generated by the effect of cooling. Decomposition of magnesium oxide is good refractory material, can also help improve the fire resistance performance of composite material, at the same time it also can be used as a release of water vapor smoke suppression agent. Magnesium hydroxide is recognized in the rubber industry which has the function of flame retardant and smoke suppression, filling the triple excellent flame retardant.

Magnesium Hydroxide

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