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    Magnesite Ore Type

    The natural types of magnesite ore can be divided into two major categories: crystalline and amorphous. According to the structure, it can be divided into fine grain (<0.5mm) ore, medium grain (0.5~1mm) ore, coarse grain (1~5mm) ore, giant grain (>5mm) ore and block, strip, and marking. Shape, chrysanthemum, sand-like, hull-like, loose porous ore, the latter three developed in the oxidation zone of the deposit.
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The type of ore is divided according to the symbiotic mineral combination of ore. The common ones are dolomite-magnesite, talc-magnesite, opal-quartz-magnesite, chlorite-magnesite.

Magnesite is the mineral name of magnesium carbonate. It is a natural alkaline mineral raw material with magnesium carbonate as its main component. Industrially used magnesite is actually processed magnesite, processed magnesite product, usually magnesite. Magnesite has two major categories of crystalline magnesite and amorphous magnesite.

Magnesite Ore Type

1, natural type

(1) The ore is divided into two categories according to the degree of crystallization of magnesite: crystalline magnesite ore and cryptocrystalline magnesite ore (crystal size less than 1 μm).

(2) The ore is divided into mineral combinations:

1 pure magnesite ore, mainly composed of magnesite, other impurities are rare, but sometimes contain more carbonaceous materials;

2 high-silicon type ore, in addition to the main mineral magnesite, there are more talc, tremolite, quartz, opal or chalcedony;

3 high-calcium ore, in addition to the main mineral magnesite, contains more dolomite, calcite or tremolite, and some calcium is present in magnesite;

4 high-silicon high-calcium ore, in addition to the main mineral magnesite, contains more quartz, opal, chalcedony, dolomite, talc or tremolite;

5 high-aluminum high-silicon type ore, in addition to the main mineral magnesite, contains more chlorite or carbon, mud, etc.;

6 High-iron type ore, iron is present in the form of solid solution (Mg, Fe) CO3 in magnesite or iron magnesite, or in the form of hematite, magnetite, pyrite or limonite.

(3) According to the structural characteristics of the ore, it is divided into: massive ore, strip ore, flaky ore, spotted ore, striated ore, bean-like (spherulitic) ore, hull-like (grape-like) ore, radial (Chrysanthemum) ore, residual stromatolite ore.

Magnesite Ore Type

(4) According to the magnesite granularity, it is divided into: fine particles (

(5) According to the degree of ore weathering, it is divided into: primary ore and weathered ore.

2, industrial type

On the basis of the natural type of magnesite, according to the different schemes of mining, selection and processing of ore and the difference of ore quality, the ore industry type and grade of each deposit are specifically divided.


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Magnesite Ore Type


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